A performance that had its first outing at Latitude and Greenbelt festivals 2015. A solo show by Caroline Horton directed by Omar Elerian with a panel discussion about tax justice featuring John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network.


In January 2015, Caroline premiered the highly controversial ‘Islands’ at the Bush Theatre, a visceral, hard hitting piece of theatre about the dark world of international finance. For The Little People is an original one woman piece inspired by that show.


In Haven, you don’t ask questions, you remember the rules, you don’t scratch.

But Evie-pie disobeyed – our little rebel ate the Havenly fruit, the fruit of all knowledge – so the gods hurled her back down to Shitworld. There amongst the multitudes, she kept on scratching – kept blowing her shitty whistle. Now she’s ready to settle the score and Haven’s finally going to pay…


A furious, funny, filthy solo piece about tax avoidance and the few who have it all, from Olivier Award nominee Caroline Horton.

Original Creative Team

  • Writer and Performer | Caroline Horton
  • Director | Omar Elerian
  • Designer | Eleanor Field
  • Sound Designer | Elena Pena
  • Production Manager | Ethan Hudson
  • Producer | China Plate

Supported by Arts Council England