Nana, Paris & Me

was shortlisted for the Imison Award 2015 at BBC Audio Drama Awards. You can listen to a clip here or read more about the piece here.

In 2009 Caroline took her ninety year-old Grandmother on one last trip to Paris. Having grown up hearing her Nana’s vivid stories of the city, Caroline excitedly planned their Parisian adventure. But it’s hard to have an unforgettable trip with someone who can’t remember what they were doing yesterday. A funny and heartbreakingly poignant journey through the city of love and the ravages of time.


was broadcast in April 2016.

Things are fine. Pandora is young, living in Paris, she’s got a nice boyfriend and a job that pays the bills. So why did she try to kill herself? While her boyfriend Tom wrestles with this question, Pandora gets drunk with her Danish friend Bert. But she can’t hide from her problems forever. An intimate journey through the no-man’s land of a suicide survival.

I also made a podcast with my Dad for fuel’s series – While You Wait called Waiting to Come Home