A project supported by The Exchange Collaborative Research Awards


I am very excited to be working with Dr Jacqueline Taylor from Birmingham City University on a new collaborative research project.

Rearrangements’ is a practical and creative interrogation of narrative form and structure, looking into how we construct meaning when we encounter artistic practice. ‘Rearrangements’ opens up a site of exchange between my work as a theatre-maker who experiments with form and Jacqueline’s academic specialism of l’écriture féminine, which proposes alternative linguistic structures, narratives and forms to create ‘other’ languages.

We’ll be going on field trips (mostly to theatres and galleries rather than to fields), conducting interviews with artists and academics and blogging furiously/furiously.


Follow our investigations via  – 


A Sidney Nolan Trust residency, 14 – 18 March 2016


At the start of 2016, the Sidney Nolan Trust invited me to assemble a team of artists and propose a start point for a week’s residency.

A playful investigation into our need to connect with the natural world. What does it give us? What happens when we’re away from it? Why does it pull us back? A writer, amusician, a film-maker and an installation-artist-turned-designer headed out into the wilds of Powys on a mission to capture nature’s essence and maybe bring a little of it back to share with you.


Here’s my blog written bleary-eyed at the end of each day.