She’s married to a world famous war hero and she stands by her man. Even though he was gone for 19 years and after one night back home is now gone again to war. They’ve only actually spent six months of their married life together. And that was when she was fifteen because it was an arranged marriage, you see. She’s been loyal and faithful all these years, the best years of her life.

And now she’s had enough.

Olivier Award nominee and The Stage Best Solo Performer, Caroline Horton, retells Homer’s Odyssey from the perspective of Penelope, his wife. Get ready for a tragicomic rollercoaster as alone on her bed, she draws the audience into an epic, heartbreaking and fiercely playful tale of love, loneliness and the need to be free.

“Ithaca has become a hedonistic haven of nightclubs and beach parties, but for all its irreverence, Horton's compelling monodrama makes a significant point. Married at 15 and confined to quarters ever since, what Penelope most has sacrificed is her youth.”
The Guardian
(Penelope Retold)

Original Creative Team

  • Writer and Performer | Caroline Horton
  • Director | Lucy Skilbeck
  • Designer | Tim Heywood

A Derby Theatre Production